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About Dominica

Dominica is the Nature Island of the Caribbean, located at 16N, 61W in the middle of the chain of islands that make up the Eastern Caribbean. Our official name is the Commonwealth of Dominica (we are NOT the Dominican Republic!).

Fast Facts

  • Current Population: about 70,000
  • Officail Language: English. A French-based Creole (patois) is also widely spoken.
  • Currency: Eastern Caribbean Dollar (XCD). Fixed to US Dollar: XCD $2.68 to US $1.00.
  • Electricity: 220-240 volts, 50 cycles. Power outlets are 3-prong English style. Some hotels have 110v, but you are advised to bring a small travel transformer if required.
  • Driving: We drive on the left! Visitors will need a Driving Permit (US$12) available from your car rental company.

Entry Requirements

  • A valid passport is sufficient for a stay of up to one month.
  • You may renew your stay for a further 3 months but you will need to show a return ticket.
  • Visas are required for stays of over 21 days for travellers from India, Nigeria, Haiti, Dominican Republic, the People's Republic of China and Eastern European Countries.

Departure Taxes

  • Dominica Residents: EC$45.00 (US $16)
  • Non-CARICOM Residents (eg US citizens): EC$59.00 (US $22)

Get Here

By Air

  • Douglas-Charles Airport (formerly Melville Hall) (code:DOM) is the main airport. Located in Marigot, it is approximately 60 minutes from Roseau.
  • Canefield (DCF) is a small airport just 15 minutes from Roseau, but has no regularly scheduled commercial passenger flights.

Main airlines (see below) serving Dominica include LIAT, BVI Airways, Seaborne Airlines, Winair and Hummingbird Air. Major hubs in the region with flights to Dominica include Antigua (ANU), San Juan (SJU), St. Lucia (SLU/UVF), St Martin (SXM), Tortola (EIS), Barbados (BGI), St Croix (STX) and St Thomas (STT).

The neighbouring French islands of Martinique and Guadeloupe are also convenient hubs for flights from Europe to Dominica.

By Sea

Ferry services (see below) operate on a regular basis to Dominica from Guadeloupe, Martinique and St. Lucia.
(Please note that the ferry service is suspended for maintenance in or around September every year.)

Travel Resources


Average daily temperatures range from 25C to 30C (75F to 85F).

Our dry season is usually from Feb-May, with the rainy season from July to November.

Expect cooler nights in the higher elevations...and light showers at any time!

Site User Fees

Visitors to the major tourism sites are required to pay a Fee, presently US$5. A Weekly Pass is available for US$12. Rates are subject to change. You can pay in advance or at the Site.

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For example, a short easy walk would be one boot:
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